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In the state of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is the second largest city and is one of the popular tourist destinations among the local and international tourists with Jodhpur 3 day itinerary. Many people who visit Jodhpur may not realize why Jodhpur is regarded as the “blue city” in India. There is a captivating past related to the blue colored buildings. But first, the most important part is that how did Jodhpur get its name? Jodhpur got its name from the most unusual pants which were designed by Pratap Singh (son of the Maharaja of Jodhpur) for his polo team when they had gone to meet the Queen of England back in 1897.

By spending 3 days in Jodhpur, you will witness the marvel of the blue buildings where were painted for signifying that the place was occupied by Brahmins (the epitome caste in India). The Mehrangarh Fort protected the houses that were painted blue. Nevertheless, once you arrive in Jodhpur, you will find a majority of women wearing colorful and long skirts, and you can witness this when you are about to visit the shops and stalls of Sardar Market or Nai Sadak. You can also wear turbans like the local men and bring out the ‘desi’ vibe in you on your tour which lasts for 2 nights Jodhpur itinerary.

There is another idea which suggests that the termites are the real reason as to why are these buildings blue. There is no way to know that real reason behind the blue color of the building. Nevertheless, Jodhpur isn’t only the ultimate tourist destination because of its blue buildings, and there are some great places you should visit during your tour.

You can visit places like Jaswant Thada an empty commemorative tomb that was built back in 1899 by honoring Maharaja Jaswant Sinh II. Jaswant Thada features whimsical domes and marble lattice screens. You visit Jodhpur won’t be complete if you don’t visit the famous old landmark in The Old City, i.e., The Clock Tower.

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Day 1
Arrival at Jodhpur

Make your way into the land of the blue city and enjoy the glorious past of the city

After you arrive at the Sun City Railway Station, you will be picked up by the driver who would have been assigned to guide you and escort you to your hotel. Jodhpur is also regarded as the Sun City along with Blue City because the people of Jodhpur enjoy sunny and bright weather. You can have a few hours of rest before to begin to explore the Sun City and the Marvel of the Sun City like Mehrangarh Fort. Your tour guide will explain to you and also show you the reason as to why Mehrangarh Fort is called the Citadel of the Sun. You will also witness the glory and valor of one of the gigantic forts in India that speak stories about bravery, sacrifice, architecture, and finesse of the Princes and Kings of Jodhpur. You can then explore the areas nearby Mehrangarh Fort in your 2Nights/3Days Jodhpur Tour Package to have some local snacks and cuisines before heading back to the hotel to have some rest and overnight stay at Jodhpur.

Day 2
Jodhpur Day Trip

Explore the architectural wonders of Jodhpur

After you wake up early in the morning, you can enjoy the glimmering Sunrise of Jodhpur that is incredibly famous. You will be given a healthy breakfast that will provide you with the energy you need to last a complete day of exploration and expedition. In the 2nd day tour, you will have a lot of places to visit and a lot of new things and experiences that you must have. The first place that your guide will take you is the Jaswant Thada. The memorial is made out of milky-white marble that sits on the top of a small lake which is located 1km northeast of Mehrangarh Fort. The cenotaph was built back in 1899 is comprised of beautifully carved-marble lattice jails, and there are also many portraits of the Rathore rulers that dates back to the 13th Century.

Day 3
Other Benefits (On Arrival)

Leave the Sun City with an experience of a lifetime

After waking up to your last day in Jodhpur, you will be provided with a delicious breakfast, and then you are going to have to pack your things as your tour in Jodhpur is coming to an end. The next thing you need to do is check out from your hotel, and you will leave Jodhpur via Railway Station.


  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Sightseeing
  • Pick up and drop
  • Govt taxes


  • Monument
  • Entry charges
  • Shopping Expenses
  • Lunch and Dinner


Is there a chance of getting robbed while touring Jodhpur?

People should be aware of the pickpockets in the tourist places and crowded marketplaces in Jodhpur.

How safe is Jodhpur for Women?

Women can visit Jodhpur without any sort of apprehension, but before they visit Jodhpur, they must be sure about the fact that they should dress in a conservative manner. Most importantly in a public place.

Is Jodhpur a safe place for a family?

Jodhpur is the ultimate family destination. It is the safest place for families as well as single travelers.

Are there Cyber Cafes in Jodhpur?

There are several cyber cafés in Jodhpur that provides people an access to the internet.

What should not be missed while visiting in Jodhpur?

A person should not miss out on the blue houses of Jodhpur, Marwar Festival, shop at Sardar Market, experience Zip Lining at the Mehrangarh Fort, and desert safari to Osian

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